NNS ADix - How to...Create User Objects

This topic describes how to create user objects with NNS ADix.

The following table contains a list attributes which are mandatory when creating user objects:

Attribute Type Description
path single-valued The object path of the user object to create.
Example: LDAP://cn=j.doe,cn=users,dc=dom,dc=com
class single-valued Provides the object class. Must be set to 'user'.
sAMAccountName single-valued The pre-Windows 2000 logon name. The pre-Windows 2000 logon name is required to be unique across a domain.

In addition to the mandatory attributes you can set various optional attributes. The following table
contains a list of some attributes you can set:

Attribute Type Description
userPrincipalName single-valued A User Principal Name (UPN) is composed of a user account logon name and the user principal name suffix joined by the "@" sign. The UPN is required to be unique across the entire forest.
Example: j.doe@dom.com
sn single-valued The last name of the user.
givenName single-valued The first name of the user.
displayName single-valued The display name of the user object. E.g. the display name is used in Microsoft Exchange address books.
memberOf multi-valued The groups, that the user is a member of. The import file can contain the distinguished names or the pre-Windows 2000 logon names of the groups.
The Directory Services always stores these values as distinguished names.
userPassword single-valued The password of the user account to create. Please take in mind that the user password must be compliant with the domain security policy. E.g.if this policy prescribes a password length of 8 characters, you cannot set a password which is containing less than 8 characters.


The following example creates an user object named 'j.doe' which is member of two groups:

LDAP://cn=j.doe,cn=users,dc=dom,dc=com;user;jdoe;j.doe@dom.com;DOE;John;DOE John;cn=group1,ou=groups,dc=dom,dc=com|cn=group2,ou=groups,dc=dom,dc=com;P@ssw0rd


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