NNS ADix - How to...Set a Boolean Attribute Value

This topic describes how to set Boolean attribute values with NNS ADix.

If you want to import attribute values for attributes which syntax must be 'Boolean', you must use
either the values '$True' or '$False' for these attributes.


The following example sets the value of the Boolean attribute 'mDBUseDefaults' to 'True':


    In NNS ADix versions prior to v3.3, Boolean values can be imported using the values 'TRUE' or 'FALSE'
    (in upper-case letters!).
    In version 3.3 or later you can also use these values, but we recommend to use
    '$True' or '$False', because these values are not case-sensitive. Further if you are exporting Boolean
    values, these values will be exported as '$True' or '$False'.


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