Licenses for our products can be either purchased online or via purchase order.
   Please review the information below BEFORE ordering or purchasing a product.

  Our products are distributed as fully functional but time limited evaluation versions. Our products are available as download only.
After purchasing a license, you will receive your license data within a business day. By applying the license data to your evaluation version, you turn it into an unlimited one ('Activate License').

General ordering and purchasing information:
  • After you purchase a license, all sales are final. There is no money-back. So first test the
    evaluation version and then purchase a license.
  • Please provide ...
    - the product you want to license,
    - the number of licenses you want to purchase,
    - your name,
    - your company
    - and your e-mail address on the purchase order. This data is required to create your license key.
  • After you receive our invoice, please send payment to the bank account provided on the invoice or
    pay via PayPal.
  • After we receive your payment, we will send the license key via e-mail to the e-mail address
    provided on the purchase order within a business day.
  • Money transfers outside the European Union:
    Please count the charges for money transfers to the total price.
  • Support:
    We provide free support for our software.

  Online Payment with PayPal
  You can purchase licenses online using PayPal. Using PayPal provides the following benefits for you:
  • Payment via Credit Card or PayPal Account (a PayPal account is not strictly necessary)
  • No fees for the customer
If you use this service, you have to pay NO EXTRA FEES! This is the fastest
and cheapest way to purchase licenses.

Click on one of the following links to purchase licenses online:  
  Purchase Order
  Please send your purchase order (in English or German) per postal mail to:

NNS - Nigl Network Solutions
Nigl Sascha

Schusterweg 13
4072 Alkoven
Upper Austria

You can also send your purchase order using the following e-mail link: order@nns.at