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   If you have any questions regarding this web-site or our products,
   please contact us under the following address:

NNS - Nigl Network Solutions
Postal Address: Schusterweg 13
4072 Alkoven
Upper Austria
Phone: +43-7274-71722
Mobile: +43-660-1238071
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Personal Data:
We do not collect any personal data. You will not be asked to provide your identity or to log on with an account.
You will only provide your identity when contacting us via e-mail or phone.

Web-Server Logs:
Our provider\hoster ( will store web access logs (see AWStats Web Statistics).
Data will be stored for 6 month. We will use this data for generating statistical summaries. There will be no association IP address\person.

The following data will be stored:
- Access time
- Visitors domain\countries (if provided by the browser)
- IP addresses
- Robots\Spiders visitors
- Visits duration
- File types accessed
- Pages URL accessed
- Operating Systems
- Browsers
- Connected to site from (referrals; if provided by the browser)
- Search keyphrases\keywords
- HTTP status codes