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      Only 1.000 objects are returned by a query if the referral chasing option "Subordinate" or "All" is

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If you use a query filter with the "Subordinate" or "All" referral chasing option enabled, only 1.000 rows are returned by the query. Therefore, if you use this query for an export operation, only 1.000 objects are exported.



In NNS ADix we perform paged searches to get all objects queried for, but paged searches are not supported for the referral chasing options "Subordinate" or "All" (the option "All" includes the option "Subordinate"). This is not a limitation of NNS ADix, it is a limitation Active Directory ADSI LDAP provider. This provider does not support subordinate referrals for paged searches. See the MORE INFORMATION section to get more information about paged searches.




We do not recommend to enable referral chasing to retrieve objects from the whole Active Directory Forest. Instead perform a query using the Global Catalog (GC) to get objects from the whole AD Forest or from subtrees. See the help topic How to… Export Objects from an Entire Forest for more information.



This behaviour is by design.




The result of a query will be returned in pages of 1.000 rows per page. 1.000 is the default value. This value can be customized using the NTDSUtil tool and the MaxPageSize parameter (See for more information).

The MaxPageSize  parameter controls the maximum number of objects that are returned in a single search result, independent of how large each returned object is. To perform a search where the result might exceed this number of objects, the client must specify the paged search control. This is to group the returned results in groups that are no larger than the MaxPageSize value.

We do not recommend to increase the MaxPageSize value. The MaxPageSize prevents a query which matches a large set of objects from returning more results than the client is prepared to handle, and also protects the server from returning large results as a single operation.

Microsoft also mentions these benefits of using paging:

  • Lower network traffic
  • The client can be more responsive to the user because the client returns only one page of data rather than all of the data in the result set.
  • Fewer resources are needed by the client and server
  • The client can abandon the search before completion




  • NNS ADix v3