NNS ADix v3 - Active Directory® Import/Export Tool

NNS ADix v3 is a tool for Active Directory(R) bulk import/export.


With NNS ADix, administrators can make bulk changes to Active Directory, exchange data between Active Directory and other systems (e.g. databases, directory services or HR-applications) on a recurring basis.

Furthermore NNS ADix contains some useful features which enables you to quickly recover deleted Active Directory objects, manage Terminal Services-related attributes, retrieve the last logon time of a user and many more ...

Program Information:

  Feature Overview
NNS ADix v3 contains the following key features:
  • Import Active Directory® objects:
    Import Active Directory® objects like users, groups, ... from a text-based file.
    Create new objects or change properties of existing objects.
  • Export Active Directory® objects:
    Export Active Directory® objects like users, groups, ... into a text-based file.
  • Wizard-driven import/export of Active Directory® objects:
    The Import/Export Wizard helps you to import or export Active Directory objects.
  • Query Filters:
    Query Filters are used for export operations. Specify LDAP queries, preview the result of a query and save this queries for later use.
  • Extended Object and Attribute Data:
    Get extended data for an Active Directory object when viewing the properties of the object. The extended data provides information like attributes and attribute values of an object, whether an attribute is ...
    ... part of the GC,
    ... is multi-valued,
    ... is a system attribute,
    ... and further more.
  • Active Directory® Browser:
    Display and select branches of your complete AD forest. Display attributes and attribute values of an object using the AD Browser.
  • Job Definitions:
    Save the settings you have made using Export-/Import Job Definitions. Start these jobs at any time you need it.
    If you want to run export/import jobs on a recurring basis, simply schedule these jobs.
  • Tombstone Reanimation:
    Reanimate Active Directory® tombstones (deleted objects) in seconds.
  • Import or Export Terminal Services (Remote Desktop Services) Related Attributes:
    With NNS ADix we provide a convenient way to export/import Terminal Services related attributes, although these attributes are not part of Active Directory.
  • Get the Domain Last Logon Times of Your Users:
    Easily get or export the (real!) last logon time a user logged on to the domain.
  • Import or Export Pictures:
    Import pictures directly from files to Active Directory®. Export pictures from Active Directory® to JPEG-formatted files.
  • Improved NNS ADix GUI:
    The NNS ADix v3 GUI helps you to better organize Query Filters, Job Definitions and so on.


  System Requirements and Setup
In order to install and run NNS ADix v3, the following system requirements must be met:
  • Supported Operating Systems:
    Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Software Requirements:
    - The Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 must be installed on the computer where NNS ADix will be
    - In order to install NNS ADix, you must have administrative permissions on the computer where
      NNS ADix will be installed
    - Access to a Microsoft Active Directory Domain for post installation tasks must be possible
  • Setup:
    Expand the contents of the downloaded zip-file into a temporary directory and run Setup.exe.
    Follow the steps provided by the setup wizard.


  License Information
Please allow for this information before purchasing a license:
  • Product Activation:
    NNS ADix is distributed as fully functional but time limited evaluation version. Download and install the public license file. By applying the license data to your evaluation version, you turn it into an unlimited one ('Activate License').
  • License Model:
    NNS ADix is for free. You can download the public license file and use it on an unlimited number of  computers.


NNS ADix Support

Download NNS ADix v3

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 Version:3.5 Build 17
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